Selection Process


  • The submission dates are from 4th of March 2024 to 6th of May 2024.

How to Enter 

  • Please read the Terms and Conditions to ensure your book meets our eligibility criteria
  • Fill out and submit the application form on this site
  • When you receive your order confirmation email, post your book to
    Carousel Aware Prize
    9 Castlefield Way
    Castlefield Manor
    Knocklyon Dublin D16K3K4
    Gifts may be imported free of VAT and customs charges where the value of the gift (including insurance, freight and postage costs) is €45 or less and the gift is correctly electronically declared as such for customs purposes. Please ensure that you certify the Book as a gift.
    From the UK
    From the USA
    Please note that as this competition is being run for a Charity, books sent from outside the EU that are not declared as above and thereby generate a customs Charge will not be accepted.
  • For ebooks, you will need to gift the book to Cap Aware Prize. E-mail the gift to

    How to Gift a Kindle Book: Everything You Need to Know – Bona Fide Bookworm

Judging Process

Once the application deadline is reached, an initial screening of books will determine if applications meet the eligibility criteria and our committee will select a longlist selected for each category.

Books will then be assessed under our assessment criteria by a panel of independent readers and a shortlist will be selected for each category.

The Judges will then be responsible for selecting a winner for each category from the shortlist and the winner will be notified at the CAP Awards Event.

Terms & Conditions

Please read our terms and conditions here.

If you have any questions on the selection process please email

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